My dad bought a pair of Berlin Moccasin boots many years ago. They had the flat soles popular with many upland hunters, designed to shed mud, leave a scant footprint, and be silent as possible.

This year I decided to have them resoled, and emailed the company to get an estimate. Well, I got the estimate, which was dare I say a bargain, and sent them off straight away.

The president of the company, Mr. Ralph “Lefty” Fabricius, called me a bit later to let me know that the soles I requested might be too heavy. I trusted his judgement, and that was that. Later, they called to let me know they were ready. I just got them by mail, and dad would be beaming. Now I know why he treated them with such love. They are good as new, and ready for many seasons of Indiana hunting, and kicking around. When you get to be my age, it is more about just walking in the woods, eh?


Folks, I have only two things to say about this experience. First, a good pair of quality handmade shoes or boots from Berlin Moccasin may cost more than a trip to any local retail store filled with Chinese made goods, but they will last, and probably outlast you. Give them to your son or daughter, when the sun is setting on your journey.

Second, if you ever have the pleasure of dealing with the folks at Berlin Moccasin, it will put your mind in the most comfortable of places.