The farm stand is now open, and folks love the eggs. We got four more juvenile hens, all silver wyandottes, and they are settling in nicely.

The herb patch is going to town, and we have already cut French tarragon (great in an omelet with smoked Gouda, btw), Greek Oregano, and of course, mint. Nothing like mint tea in the spring.

This years garden will have collards, japanese eggplant, 5 kinds of tomatoes, lettuces, Brussels sprouts, red and white potatoes, red, yellow and white onions, kohlrabi, red and green peppers, and other stuff.

We’ll be giving away white oak, maple, and poplar saplings, all year long. No monoculture!

I’ll also be building a small area for local bicyclists to park their rigs, cool off, and try one of our old rocking chairs.

Come on by.