As many of you may know, Elizabeth Warren, of Harvard University, was chosen by members of the Congressional Oversight Panel to act as chair. In the true spirit of doing what is right for the American people, Ms. Warren has been marginalized by much of the mainstream press, as well as our own Congress, and virtually all of the Wall Street and big banking weasels.

Ms. Warren is, in my opinion, the only person qualified to be on the panel. And she exhibits the qualities that President Obama is looking for in a new Supreme Court judge, namely empathy (which I also will assume means acting above the role as a strict enforcer of the Constitution).


Some have criticized her for being off base, focusing more on her own passions, which include fighting for the middle class. I think this criticism is just an excuse on the part of her detractors, as she is making many folks uncomfortable with her discoveries.

Ms. Warren is fighting a good fight, and we should all let our government know that we are behind her efforts.

Even Bill Maher was a bit put back by her honesty.